Geoff Hull Woodworking Machinery Ltd. are proud and established suppliers of the industry-trusted brand TigerStop – the leading worldwide brand in automatic stops and pusher systems for woodworking, plastics and aluminium machinery.

  • Standard TigerStop Range
  • TigerAngle with Graule Radial Saws
  • Push Feed Saws
  • Cross Trenching
  • Convert Your Existing Panel Saw

We are suppliers of a wide selection of TigerStop machinery and accessories at competitive prices.

Products available include:

  • TigerStop auto stops and pushers
  • SawGear auto stop – Low cost entry level for workshop or site applications for use with mitre saws
  • TigerAngle with graule radial saws – These manually or automatically operated radial saws can be supplied for horizontal or compound angle cutting.
  • Tiger drive – This compact, time-saving facility allows you to automatically set horizontal and vertical angles, ensuring a precise cut every time.
  • Push feed saws – TS range for high production cross cutting with length optimisation and laser defecting for improved quality
  • Cross trenching – Graule QNF range for manual or automatic push feed – optional cross cutting
  • TigerStop Drilling – Automatic push feed drilling – can be integrated with cross cut saws/cross trenching etc.

...and more besides

Don't forget, TigerFence & TigerCrosscut can be used to convert your existing sliding table panel saw, allowing for improved flexibility, accuracy and control.

To learn more about the extensive range of TigerStop woodworking machinery available, please get in touch.

  • TigerStop SawGear

    Entry Level Stop only (not a pusher). Quickly erected for Site work. Capacity 2400 or 3600mm only.

  • TigerStop with Roller Tables

  • Tigerstop TS HD

    Heavy duty Tigerstop with rack & pinion drive for heavy loads and long lengths from 2.0 to 23.2m Ideal for Timber frame and "I" Beam construction.

  • TigerStop, Roller Table & Grauler Saw

  • TigerAngle Horizontal Angle or Compound Angle Cutting

  • TigerDrive for Horizontal and / or Vertical Angle Setting

  • Push Feed Saw TS350

  • Push Feed Saw TS550

  • Push Feed Saw TS800

  • Push Feed Saw UKA 450/600/800

  • Graule QNF Manual Cross Trenching Machine

  • Automatic Cross Trenching

  • Trenching Head with Top & Side Clamps

  • Combined Manual Cross Cutting & Trenching

  • Tiger Crosscut Converter

  • TigerFence Converter