RF Pressing and Clamping

We have a great choice of radio frequency pressing machinery available from industry favourite brands Gibbs-Sandtech and Tregarne. Machines and accessories available include:

  • Radio frequency presses
  • Custom made machinery
  • Glueing equipment
  • Drying racks and spray tables
  • Portable wood welders
  • Pegboard clamps
  • Bespoke plants

...and much more.

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  • Edge Jointing Press

  • Single Edge Lipping & Jointing Press

    Fully reconditioned Press & Generator. Used Frames are stripped, sandblasted and painted then rebuilt with almost all new internal components and carrying a 12 months warranty. Capacity 2.5m with 4 or 6Kw RF Generator. As good as a new machine


  • Tray Lipping Press

  • Gluing Equipment

  • Standard Drying racks

  • Expander Racks

  • Large Expander Racks

  • Spray Table

  • Spray Table

  • Spray Table

  • Wood Welder

  • Pegboard Clamps

    Can be supplied either Vertical or Horizontal Robust design and bespoke clamps for all applications ensuring the perfect solution.