Machinery Type

AES SIRIUS Point to Point through feed drilling machine.


Machine Details Sirius 950

X Axis 250mm - Unlimited,  Y Axis  80 - 950mm,  Z Axis 8 - 70mm

8 - 70 Panel Movement Clampings

Number of Vertical Drills 10:  Number of Horizontal Drills 6 (3 x 2) :  Grooving Saw Diameter 120mm 

Air-floatation Tables

Optional Router 5.5Kw / RPM 18,000:  With the addition of the optional router head, various tasks can be easily resolved such as grooving for solid backs on carcases, routing out for cable management, pipes or skirtings, shaping for corner units etc

The machine can also be fitted with a 6 position automatic tool changer to the router head expanding the list of possibilities for this machine.