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AES 5 AXIS CNC Machining Centre for Joinery Products Model VEGA 5

AES CNC MACHINING CENTRE AES Vega series 5, have been produced suitable for modular furniture production with fast, practical and reliable logic. Vega, is allowed highest level time and source optimization by designed especially for modular furniture production. Vega, could make high level processing with durable body structure, rack and pinions for high

The AES Vega 5 axis machine has been designed using the latest technology for those looking to make complex shaping and machining operations with comfort and ease. The heavy duty structure ensures fast operation and rigidity during machining. Using Alphacam Advanced 3D Router as the operating software, gives a powerful design and machining package to create even the most complex of structures

VEGA SERIES with 4 models

VEGA 5X 1625 Working Dimensions 1550 x 2500 mm / Z Axis Stroke 470 mm

VEGA 5X 1632 Working Dimensions 1550 x 3200 mm / Z Axis Stroke 470 mm

VEGA 5X 1645 Working Dimensions 1550 x 4500 mm / Z Axis Stroke 470 mm

VEGA 6X 1660 Working Dimensions 1550 x 6000 mm / Z Axis Stroke 470 mm

All Models with 11 kW HSK F 63 5 Axis Spindle (Liquid Cooling System)


Axes X and Y of the machine have been designed with rack and pinion for sensitive positioning and high speed.

Axis Z is controlled with threaded rod. All axes are driven with servo engines without brush and run soft and sensitive thanks to Linear Rails.


Machine consoles produced by magnetic vacuum consoles. On the machine 8 tool capacity linear tool changer exist, tool capacity depends on the model, please check options for your additional needs.


With the machine high technology Aggregate units is present, you could select suitable Aggregate for your need in Aggregate Options section.


control unit of the machine has four-axis Gantry control ability. Excellent movement control is provided in all axes thanks to sensitive interpolation. Machine operating system can work with G codes. Hand Wheel unit is allow to use the machine manually.